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Jake Fulmer Jr., President of Preferred Builders

Jake is a Managing Partner of Preferred Builders of North Florida.  He is a second generation expert in this line of work and started his own company in 1983. His roots began as the “Go To” contractor providing commercial construction throughout Jacksonville.

His collaborative expertise’s has helped multiple clients design and build commercial and residential projects well over $1.5 Million dollars in scope. These projects include new Residential Homes, City Projects, major renovations exceeding $500K, Light Industrial, Metal Buildings, Automotive Dealerships and Warehouses.

Jake’s success in the field of construction has been fueled by client recommendations and basic “Word of Mouth” marketing.  Delivering what is agreed upon and standing behind our work leave our clients thrilled with their results and happy to recommend us.

The avid sportsman, Jake enjoys tournament fishing and boating in general. A Jacksonville native; Jake resides on the Westside with his wife. Noah is his son and is currently a Superintendent with Preferred Builder’s.

Craig Ariail, President of Preferred Builders

Craig is a Managing Partner of Preferred Builders of North Florida.  He is a second generation construction expert that cut his teeth working for the most demanding of bosses, his Father.  Attending high school at Victory Christian Academy on Jacksonville’s Northside, Craig was involved in sports and learning business from his Father Waldo from a young age.  Over the span of 40 years Craig has managed every aspect of the Drywall business that his Father started.  Eventually he trained his successors and delved heavily into the General Contractor (GC) part of the organization.  Craig is the chief consultant in our new home construction and DIY homebuilding division as well as commercial construction projects.

Craig is a Great American having served in the U.S. Armed Forces as well as Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO).  He is married and the father of two sons. His oldest son Alec is currently a Superintendent for Preferred Builder’s.

Ed Albright – Project Manager, Preferred Builder’s – Ed comes to Preferred as an experienced Superintendent with over 25 years in management. His management and hands-on over the years ensures that he can complete projects in timely and organized fashion. When hes not working he likes to go camping, hunting and/or hiking.

Zach Petty – Commercial Construction Estimator – Zach is responsible for Commercial Construction estimates for all of the Preferred Group Companies. He works closely with management organizations as a one stop solution for all maintenance and facility repair bids.

Look us up @ http://www.PreferredBuildersJax.Com
Contact Information:
Name of Business: Preferred Builders of North FL
Street Address: 2332 Dunn Avenue
City, State, Zip Code: Jacksonville, Florida 32218
Telephone Number: (904)-751-3381 Fax Number: (904) 751- 6600
Point of Contact: Craig Ariail
• Call Lien for an Appointment

License held by our company: CGC1514978

Preferred Builders of North Florida’s has set the new standard in one stop home building. Rather than assemble multiple sub-contractors, Preferred Builder’s utilizes their in house trade’s professionals in order to provide a seamless build process. This saves the home buyer time and money as well as putting all warranty guarantees under the Preferred Group umbrella.
With the ability to build on your property or select a land home package from our inventory, Preferred Builders allows you multiple options for your specific tastes. Whether selecting a low cost builder’s package or custom treatments with your personal touch, Preferred Builders can build the home of your dreams with a lower price and better value than many volume builders.
Working in the industry since 1971, Preferred Builders and the Preferred Group of companies are your best options in terms of value, workmanship and local ties that you can count on.

Do you have the dream of building a new home by yourself?

Preferred Builders of North Florida has a DIY (Do it Yourself) home building program in which you control the entire construction process with us managing the build.

You choose the sub-contractors, finishes and any modifications.  We work for you providing knowledge, insight and expertise through the entire build.

You save money over Conventional track built homes in which their design is shoved down your throat.

We help you build the “Home of your Dreams!”

Have you even been to a design studio of some of these large track home builders?  You get their price on the layout of the home that they can build.  Once you “Settle” for their available model then you go to the design studio to choose your finishes and customization.  You will choose things like flooring, cabinets, bathroom trims, counter tops just to name a few.

The SMACK IN THE FACE……….The double deep sink that you saw at Home Depot for $225 is $825 through the builder and the granite counter tops are $6500 compared to the $2200 you would pay to a granite contractor.

With Preferred Builders DIY program you choose those finishes and we do not “MARK THEM UP.” You get the home of your dreams in the budget agreed upon!

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