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About Us

Founded in 1971 by Billy McDowell and Waldo Ariail, McDowell & Ariail Drywall has evolved into the Preferred Group of companies. The Preferred Group consists of Preferred Builders of North Florida, Preferred Drywall by McDowell & Ariail, Preferred Roofing and Preferred Gutters.

The operation of the company is handled by co-owners Craig Ariail and Jake Fulmer Jr. With a great deal of experience in both residential and commercial construction, the two joined forces over 20 years ago to bring the organization into its current state.

The Preferred Group is:

Waldo Ariail – Founder
Craig Ariail – Owner
Jake Fulmer Jr. – Owner
Mark Jones – Chief Operating Officer
Kevin Green CPA – Chief Financial Officer
Keith Green – Chief Financial Officer
Mark Jones – Vice President, Preferred Roofing & Preferred Gutters
John Friedel – Commercial Roofing Estimator
Zach Petty – Commercial Construction Estimator
Ryan Marlow – Preferred Roofing Production Manager
Richard Revels – Roofing Estimator
Mike Nobles – Roofing Estimator
Kevin Strickland – Roofing Estimator
Don DeLong – Vice President, Preferred Drywall by McDowell & Ariail – Residential & Commercial Drywall Operations
Jake Fulmer Jr. – President, Preferred Builders
Ed Albright – Project Manager, Preferred Builders
Alec Ariail – Superintendent, Preferred Builders
Noah Fulmer – Superintendent, Preferred Builders
Lien Aleman – Preferred Builder’s Administrator
Danielle DeChant  – Roofing Production Administrator
Kelsey Chila – Roofing Back Office Administrator
Michael Norvilas – Bookkeeper/Accounting
Carla Byrd – Operations Analytics & Drywall Administration


Waldo Ariail – Founder McDowell & Ariail Drywall

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